Spruce Info and Training Area - Updated 1-4-17

Spruce Announcements:

The Spruce Training Tracker is now live!
You can access the view only site at this link: TRAINING TRACKER

All employees should be viewing their trainings and scheduling with their manager to watch their assigned training videos.



Also see the new Spruce Notebook
Spruce Notebook of Tips/Tricks/How-To's

Spruce Team - Who to call and for what?

Lance Leffler – All things IT
Jesse Isaacs – New Albany Subject Matter Expert (SME)
Jim Allman – Sellersburg SME
Sara – Overall Project Manager 

Email Us:  spruce@pchomestores.com for Spruce specific questions and it will be sent to all 4 of us.

Training - Now!
Go Live - January 8th and 9th.

Your Spruce Username and Password:
Your Spruce UserName is in the format of the first letter of your first name
followed by the first 5 letters of your last name.

Example: jsmith would be the UserName for John Smith.

***If you need your password reset please contact Lance Leffler via email.